Want some free music?

Are you looking for a legal way to download good music for free? Do you want to learn about new music, but can’t afford to do more research than listening to 30 second previews on iTunes? Well I can’t guarantee this will fulfill all three qualifiers (legal, good, free), but I just discovered a new place to download music for free and I think most of the songs offered are pretty cool (e.g., Derek Webb, Matt Wertz, David Crowder Band, Phil Wickham and Sara Groves) – and it is all free and legal. Check out Relevant Magazine’s music download page to listen and/or download songs from their podcasts. For PC users, clicking on the “Download MP3” link next to each song will open a new window with a media player to play the song, if you want to download the song, right-click the same link and then “save links as.” For Mac users, sorry I don’t speak your language, so you’ll have to figure it out on your own.

Also, if you’re not familiar with Relevant, take a look around their site, it’s a cool magazine and the website is just as good. I recently subscribed to the print-version and it isn’t very expensive (like $12 for the year). It has become a regular in my three magazine rotation (SI, ESPN, Relevant). Relevant’s tagline is “God. Life. Progressive Culture.” Check it out at relevantmagazine.com


1 thought on “Want some free music?

  1. Very well! Are you dudes agree with me? When I read it I was like: oh man!Sounds great! This is just what I was searching for! All is true, and checked, I’m sure.

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