Issues (aka think about it)

Following the theme of passing on names and previews of some of my favorite comedians, I give you Flight of the Conchords–New Zealand’s 4th most popular gangster folk group. FOTC has begun gaining popularity in America over the last few years, thanks mostly to an HBO comedy special in 2005 (and thousands of youtube views of performances from that special) and their HBO series this past year (2007). Flight of the Conchords (the television series) was “loosely” based on Bret and Jemaine’s lives as Kiwi rap/rock/folk stars trying to make it as musicians in America while living in New York City (the show was funny and I was happy to learn that it got picked up for a second season that will air in 2008). Warning: although this clip is fairly PG, the comedy special and their show were on HBO, so not all of the content is as tame (it’s not very bad, but just so know).

(I’m taking my “salutation” out of yesterday’s post–not that any of you actually read yesterday’s entry yesterday–and tagging it onto the end of this one).

Happy Thanksgiving! (I hope you watch the Packers beat the Lions before you take your after-Turkey nap.)

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