jenga in a minivan?

This has to be one of the least thought out commercials in television history (I realize it’s in Spanish, but I couldn’t find the English version on YouTube). Seriously though, the kids are playing jenga in the back of a moving minivan; does that seem foolish to anyone else? It would be hard to play jenga on the kitchen table in my apartment if the ceiling fan was on high. Jenga requires a stable playing surface, and those little wooden pieces are sensitive. Yet somehow, the brilliant people at Chrysler thought this was a good idea for a commercial. I don’t know all the steps involved in making a commercial, but I would assume that the concept was originally presented at a meeting, and it probably wasn’t the only idea presented, meaning it was picked over other ideas. What were the other ideas, a group of guys driving home from the bar while playing darts in the back of a Town & Country? I can only hope it’s some sort of joke, since otherwise it would mean that out of the however many Chrysler employees who approved this idea, not one of them realized how redonkulous it would be for kids to play jenga in a minivan. Perhaps in support of the theory that this commercial is some kind of joke that didn’t work out — something like, the ride in our new Town & Country is so smooth you could play jenga in the back — is another new Chrysler commercial I found on YouTube.

1 thought on “jenga in a minivan?

  1. Andy,
    I definietley see your point. How can you play Jenga in the back of a moving car!? not so bright of an idea on Chrysler’s behalf.
    Good Job on the rest of the site. It seems to be coming along well.

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