Dare to HOPE

I had coffee with my friend Elizabeth a few days ago (actually, it’s been a lot more than a few days ago now, but I didn’t finish writing this until today; and actually (part II), I had tea–not coffee, but saying you had tea with a friend makes it sound like you’re in England and it’s the 19th century…p.s., try the Cinnamint tea at Caribou, it’s an herbal tea with no caffeine, so it’s afternoon safe, and it’s plenty sweet, even without sugar or honey). Anyway, Elizabeth and I hadn’t hung out for a while and, since we’ve both worked in churches for most of our “adult” years, we started our conversation the way we normally do, by solving all the church’s problems and agreeing that things would be a lot better if we were in charge. After about ten minutes in itsnevergonnahappenland, we started talking about life and where we thought/hoped God was leading us.

Somewhere around minute 60, our conversation turned to the topic of tree houses (I have no idea how that happened), and since we were just a few blocks from one of the coolest tree houses I have ever seen in real life–second only to the Swiss Family Robinson tree house I saw at Disney World when I was six–I suggested we go for a little drive. So we hopped in my Honda and checked out the tree house* I had been telling her about – which has something like four different levels, spiraling stairs and I think maybe even electricity in some of the “rooms” – like me, she was really impressed (not sure if she’s seen the Swiss Family Robinson one).

We drove around for a little while after that, continuing our random conversations and listening to music. I played her a few songs from a CD I got this fall by A Fine Frenzy (which sounds like it’d be the name of a group, but it’s actually just one girl). The song that most people know by her–from the radio–is “Almost Lover” (it was on my short list of “most listened to” songs this past summer and it has a really cool video…I should post that music video in case people haven’t seen/heard it, look for that to be up soon). One of the last songs on the album is called “Hope for the Hopeless” and it’s the song I’ve become the most attached to on the disc. Listening to the song got Elizabeth and I talking about the idea of hope, which is a biggie for not only Christians, but for anyone trying to make it through life in this crazy world. Liz mentioned a blog she wrote on her myspace page about hope and mentioned that “Hope” is probably going to be the theme of her next album (she is a musicican).

After our chilltime at the ‘Bou and the tree house-inspired car ride, I went home and decided to read her blog; it’s really good. When I saw her a few days later I asked if it would be okay if I shared it with people on anewdoxology. Her response was something like this, “For sure, as long as you tell them how great my music is and make sure they know they can listen to some of my songs on myspace or even go to my website (www.elizabethhunnicutt.com) to order CDs and find out where I’ll be playing.” She actually didn’t say all of that, but she did say it was cool to mention what she wrote and pass on a link. I added all the other stuff because I think it is true. Her music really is good and it has been a blessing in my life as well as many others who have seen her in concert, leading worship at churches, or have just listened to her CDs. Take a minute and jump over to Elizabeth’s myspace page to read her writing titled “Dare to Hope,” and if you’re interested, listen to a few of her songs and maybe even check out her website to learn more about a wonderful Minneapolis artist.

*Out of respect for the people who live in the house with the yard in which the tree house exists, I am intentionally not mentioning where it is located. Some of you may already be familiar with the tree house I’m writing about, but if you really really really want to know where it’s at and promise to be respectful if you go to look at it, email me and maybe I’ll give you the info (hint: it’s just off Hwy. 100).


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