Media in church: good or bad?

Does your church use video or other media tools to enhance the “worship experience?” Throughout the last five to ten years churches have been in a mad rush to install or update the technology in their sanctuaries and worship spaces. Projectors, screens, lighting and sound systems are all part of the new church media world, but are all these media options – no matter how cool and seamless they appear – helping or hurting the church’s ability to communicate the gospel message? This summer, ran a conversation series on how visual media influences people, as both church-attending Christians and ordinary human beings living in today’s world. The two-part chat featured Shane Hipps, author of The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture: How Media Shapes Faith, the Gospel, and Church. The people from Out of Ur (the blog companion to LeadershipJournal) got permission to put the two-part conversation on their site. Regardless of whether you live and/or work inside the church/ministry world, think the use of media in church is God-ordained or straight from the devil, or even if you haven’t formed an opinion yet…I think this is worth a quick read. Here are the links,

  • Is Video Technology in Church Manipulative: The unintended consequences of using visual media in ministry (part 1)
  • The Ever-Changing Message: How visual technology always impacts what we preach (part 2)

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