King James

This picture of LeBron “King” James is from’s Photos of the Year (this particular photo was taken by Jed Jacobsen of Getty Images). It’s not often that you see sports photographs that aren’t completely in focus (e.g., see the other photos in the gallery). The creativity you usually see in sports photographs–from the sports section of the newspaper or magazines like Sports Illustrated and ESPN–seem to rely on the athletic artistry of the athletes being photographed and the angles the photographers are shooting them from, but this picture is out-of-the-ordinary/different. I think it’s a wonderful illustration of the intersection between art & sports that is often overlooked; unless the “sport” in discussion is ballet, figure skating or synchronized swimming.


1 thought on “King James

  1. this is an awesome shot… I agree with your comments on it whole heartedly… it is probably because these shots dont sell as well as the shots we often see on newspapers… oh well…

    I have the same problem too — many people don’t really like street photography but I still do it because theres art into it. Its not the mainstream photography we always see on magazines…

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