I am anewdoxology.com (and now I own it, too!)

anewdoxology was born almost two months ago and it’s been fun watching it become…whatever it’s becoming. I had wanted to start a blog for over a year when finally I created this site and I have really enjoyed having a place to share my thoughts and pass on some of the things I find interesting in the worlds of faith and culture; and to my surprise–although it’s hard to tell for sure–it seems some of you actually enjoy reading/seeing what I’ve been sharing. *Note: the only proof I have of this claim are a few comments people have shared with me–like, “Hey, I’ve been reading your blog and it’s pretty cool”–and the “Blog Stats” from wordpress that currently show that anewdoxology has been viewed 1,205 times since it went live in November…and no, it doesn’t count my visits to the site in those stats.

I started this blogging thing as a trial, unsure of how it would go (sort of like an experiment); but I quickly realized it was something I really liked and wanted to continue doing (assuming people were reading what I was writing). While I’m still not sure what anewdoxology is going to become, I’ve begun thinking of it as more than just something I am trying out as an experiment–it’s become part of who I am and how I communicate with other people–it’s become an effective/alternative way for me to share my thoughts with others, it’s just that I use a keyboard instead of my voice.

In what I guess could be seen as both a personal and public commitment to my blog, I decided to clean up the web address and make it a bit more official. I bought the domain name http://www.anewdoxology.com today, so “.wordpress.” is no longer in the name (although anewdoxology.wordpress.com is linked to the new site so it will get you to the same place). I might “try on” a few new looks for the site in the near future; but the thoughts, videos, photos and links will match what I’ve posted in the past.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading! I hope you’ll continue visiting anewdoxology and maybe even tell some of your friends about it. Feel free to share your thoughts on anything by leaving a comment, or just email me.


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