Farewell to Real World Sydney

In case you missed it, tonight was the season finale for The Real World Sydney. It was a roller-coaster episode of typical Real World drama, complete with roommates saying hurtful things to/about each other (including things like “I don’t care if I never talk to you again after we leave”) and then — less than an hour of TV time later — they were all crying and hugging each other before they left the house for the last time; exchanging I love you‘s and promising to call each other and possibly even hang out when they got home. They only lived together for four months and they had cameras crews following them and taping nearly everything they did the entire time (and let’s not forget they’re wearing microphones with battery packs with the exception of when they’re in bed or in the shower, but even then there are mics built into the house to make sure anything that’s said is picked up, and in case it’s not, it’s sure to be deciphered by someone and translated into subtitles). There’s just nothing about the situation that is Real, yet at the end of each season the housemates act like they’ve become best friends during the experience…what’s wrong with them? and at the end of each season I get kinda sad because I feel like I’m losing seven new friends…what’s wrong with me?

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