Dos Burrito Challenge

A few days ago I wrote a tribute to Chipotle. I mentioned that I once ate two Chipotle burritos in one sitting, but I didn’t explain how or why I did such a stupid (or brilliant?) thing. I was challenged to eat two burritos by a former co-worker (we actually challenged each other). We were both youth directors at the time, so naturally, we decided to turn it into a youth “ministry” event. So, about a dozen people gathered at a local Chipotle the next Friday night to witness the stupidity live…one of the high schoolers from church joined in the eating festivities and another high schooler brought a video camera to document the event. The video was called the “Dos Burrito Challenge” and people loved it when we showed it a few weeks later at our Wednesday night youth service. I had never posted a video on youtube before until today, and I didn’t even know how, but I decided it would be worth figuring it out so I could share these delicious memories with you. I had the video on DVD somewhere, so after digging around my apartment for a while, I found the DVD and ripped it onto my computer. I converted the video file into one of the formats that youtube accepts, uploaded the video, and now it’s online for the whole world to see. Technology is a beautiful thing, huh? So here it is friends, the Dos Burrito Challenge. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed eating it…I mean, making it.

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