God’s comment card

My roommates and I got this postcard from one of our friends a few days ago (that’s right, we got an actual postcard, in the mail…apparently some people still use the postal service for reasons other than buying/selling things on ebay.).

The postcard is made to look like a comment card for evaluating “God’s services” and how we think they could be improved. To be clear, I disagree with the postcard on many levels theologically, but I also think it’s really funny. It seems to accurately make fun of the ways we/I often try to trade roles with God, or to put it a bit differently, it humorously points how we/I attempt to control the Creator. Assuming I’m not the only one who’s made this mistake, most of you probably realize that this never works, and eventually we’re forced to face reality and return to God in humility to once again ask for forgiveness as we seek to live tomorrow with a renewed perspective, guided by trust in a God who loves us and led by faith in a Savior who freed us to be ourselves, even when we don’t think that’s good enough. The title of the postcard is correct, “God wants to know”, but it’s only the beginning of a correct statement…God wants to know you. I suppose God already knows you because God made you and God loves you, but what I believe God wants more than anything is to be known by you…and I am eternally thankful that my evaluation on how well I’m doing is graded on a curve, a curve of grace that, when you look at it long enough, starts to look a lot like a cross.


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