writers strike could finally be over!

Good news TV fans: the WGA (Writers Guild of America) has reached a tentative deal with the major motion picture companies and television producers, which means that the strike that has nearly frozen all non-reality television shows for the past three months could finally be over soon. How soon you ask? According to many news sources, including this article from Variety, the necessary people to sign the new deal are together in meetings tonight and tomorrow in LA, so the 10,500 striking writers could be back at work on Monday if everyone can come to an agreement. Here’s a quote from Variety that I think offers the best news in all of this,

The resolution of the strike will enable TV networks to salvage the remaining TV season and pilot season along with permitting scribes to begin working again on film scripts. The end to the strike would also permit the Academy Awards telecast on Feb. 24 to proceed without disruption.

This means that shows like Scrubs (which is one of my personal favorites) that are in their final season may still get to wrap things up this year.

I realize this might sound like an inappropriate request, but if you are a person who prays, please ask Jesus to help TV addicts like me get our shows back soon.

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