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I promise anewdoxology isn’t turning into a football (or a Brett Favre) blog, but as I said yesterday, Favre’s retirement is a pretty big deal in my world, and it’s about way more than just football (at least to me it is). In my opinion, Favre is someone who will be remembered in history as one of the most genuine and authentic people who happened to be famous for doing something that a lot of people care about (in his case, football).

favre-retirment.jpgI had some time this morning to watch most of yesterday’s press conference again and take some notes, and I want to share a few quotes that I think are interesting not only to someone like me who is a fan of football and the Packers, but for anyone who is trying to live life with genuine character without regrets; not to mention anyone who cares, even just a little bit, about how they’ll be remembered. Here are some of Favre’s thoughts in his words:

On how he will be remembered…

  • “If I have to be remembered for statistics, then I did something wrong along the way. I really believe that I left a lot more than that, and I can’t make people like me or say good things about me, but I hope I left a good impact on people.”

On his accomplishments and fame…

  • “It wasn’t about the money or fame or records. I hear people talk about your accomplishments and things. It was never my accomplishments; it was our [the team’s] accomplishments.”

On how he played the game of football…

  • “It’s a game. And (the way) I played it, it was spontaneous. Nothing was ever choreographed. I’ve always said this: the money they pay us is icing on the cake. It had no bearing on the way I played. I played the game regardless, a certain way. I hope that’s what people appreciate about me.”

On what he plans to do after football…

  • “There really isn’t a plan. I know that this place and what it’s meant to my career is really special, and to think that I can find something to replace that and feel the same, I’m no fool. I know there’s nothing out there like that, so I’m not even going to try. But life does go on, and I will do something, whatever that may be. But it will be nice for a while, I think, to not feel like I have to live up to certain expectations – not only that other people have but that I have of myself – I can just kinda, as they say, ride off into the sunset…whatever that means, you know? Just try to relax for once in my life and enjoy it. I’m gonna steal a quote from Deanna, when she said “See life through the front windshield and not through the rear-view mirror.” I think that is so true, so important…I can recite almost every play I’ve ever ran or called. I can think of nearly every game I’ve ever played in, and that’s going back to high school. So as I look back I can’t say, “what if?” or “I don’t quite remember that game or that play.” But there are things in life that I can’t say that about. There are some things I missed, and hopefully – and I know you can’t get those things back – but from this day forward, I hope to see things through the front windshield.”

1 thought on “Favre quotes

  1. Andy, I love your take on Favre, especially the quote in this post about experiencing the world through the front windshield. It’s funny how sometimes we don’t realize we’ve been looking through the rear view window until God intervenes and opens our eyes in anewway (an Andyism!). Let’s hope all of us take the Favres’ advice and find a way to see life through the front windshield. You are helping all of us to do this by your site!

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