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In a few weeks, the story of “seven [new] strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped” will begin being told in weekly installments on MTV’s The Real World: Hollywood. Hollywood is the 20th season of The Real World and it will premiere on Wednesday, April 16th at 9:00pm CT. But before season twenty begins, MTV will celebrate the history of the show with the first ever Real Word Awards Bash, airing this Wednesday, April 2nd at 9:00pm CT.

mtv-logosvg.pngThe awards show will bring together cast members from all 19 seasons to share what they’re up to today and find out what moments, individuals and seasons the voting viewers thought were most memorable. Just like the show being celebrated, many of the award categories will highlight behavior and perspectives that are far from what I would consider wholesome (like “steamiest scene,” “biggest playa” and “best fight”) but for viewers like me who have been watching The Real World since (or at least near) the beginning, the show has always been about more than sex and shenanigans…it’s been a window into the lives and relationships of regular people and an opportunity to watch them “do life” together.

Since the first group of strangers lived together in 1992 (New York), each season of The Real World has been like a time capsule of what is cool at that time in history (fashion, music, technology, cars, home decor and more) and the diverse cast members have represented the pulse of young people living in the realities of the day, as they dealt with and discussed issues that viewers of all ages could relate to (racism, sexuality/homophobia, addiction and even faith).

The Real World was ahead of it’s time, forging the path for reality TV as we know it.” –

Created and produced by Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, The Real World is MTV’s longest running show and is most likely the first American reality show. Today, nearly sixteen years after the first episode of The Real World aired, MTV (as well as most other networks) has several reality shows in its lineup. Among MTV’s menu of shows depicting the “real” world, one of the most popular is The Hills, which is the spin-off/continuation of Laguna Beach (which was MTV’s response to The OC, since it followed the lives of teens living in California’s Orange County). As if an awards show and a new season of The Real World isn’t exciting enough for MTV reality fans, the third season of The Hills started last week and new episodes will be airing on Mondays at 8:00pm CT. This is especially good news since season three of Rob & Big is almost over.


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  1. I remember watching the 1992 season. Thanks for commenting on this. I’ll be sure to catch it tonight. I’d love to hear what has happen to my contemporaries. I was between high school and college at the time, like many of the cast. I agree it is a “time capsule” show. I can’t believe it’s been on so long. I’m feeling old, heehee.

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