prodigal son: consumer evangelism

Today was a beautiful day. It was probably one of the first days in a while that I was actually happy to live in Minnesota (if you haven’t heard, we got hit with a lot of snow a few days ago, after we already thought winter was over…twice!). I actually had a pretty full day, so it wasn’t until I was working out at the gym around 11:00 tonight that I realized the new issue of Prodigal Son Magazine had come out today, and that another article I wrote was in it. It’s a cleaned up version of something I posted on anewdoxology back in February on the various ways Christian messages are expressed in the American marketplace (“Consumer Evangelism”). Click here to read the article, and while you’re there, post a comment on my article and look around at some of the other great stuff on Prodigal Son…including a fascinating theological critique of Garden State written by my friend Bryan.


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