Good news Coldplay fans!

Some of you may remember this post I wrote back in February about my regrets over not seeing Coldplay during my senior year of college, along with my hopes that the tour that accompanies the upcoming release of their new album (Viva la Vida, June 17th) will include a stop in Minneapolis. Well apparently Coldplay’s management reads anewdoxology; either that or they know I’m not the only Coldplay fan in the Twin Cities who would pay whatever they want to charge for tickets in order to see them live, because while I was driving around yesterday the new Coldplay single “Violet Hill” came on the radio (sidenote: this song was offered as a free download on last week and it was reportedly downloaded by over 600,000 people in the first 24 hours), after the song the DJ made a comment, no, make that a promise, that Coldplay would be coming to Minnesota this summer as part of their tour. How awesome is that? I was so pumped I sent a text to my friend Tim (the same one who invited me to come with him to the Coldplay concert during college), but because I was texting while driving (not recommended, and probably illegal) it ended up saying “Cokeplay is coming this summer!” Oh well, typos and unsafe driving aside, I’m pretty excited about this. I just hope that the tour schedule is released soon so I can make sure I’m in town for the show.

4 thoughts on “Good news Coldplay fans!

  1. I suppose they didn’t say whether or not Coldplay would be making a stop in Detroit…
    I’m crossing my fingers! The new single is great and I’m excited for the album! 🙂

  2. I’m not sure about Detroit. I was talking to a friend this afternoon and he thought Coldplay was coming to Minneapolis in the fall, so I guess we won’t know for sure until the tour schedule is released (which will hopefully be soon).

  3. Quick update: Coldplay’s tour schedule was released on Friday (check it out at They are coming to St. Paul (Xcel Center) on July 8th and tickets for the show go on sale May 17th.

  4. andy,

    cool site. this is the first time i’ve checked it out. say, you can get another of coldplay’s songs on itunes. “viva la vida.” this song has tons of religious language in it. let me know what you think. i’m a big fan.

    i would be heading to their show in st. paul, but i’ll be in bali indonesia. also, should let you know i’m heading west to study at PLTS and the GTU next fall. hope to stay in touch. peace!

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