I graduated…now what?

I graduated from Luther Seminary yesterday with a master of arts in Theology & Pop-Culture. I’m excited about this accomplishment and all that it represents, and although seminary wasn’t always the most enjoyable experience, I’m thankful for how it has shaped and influenced the ways I understand the world around me and how God is actively involved in it. I’m happy to be done with school (again), but I hope the learning and growing continues.

During the commencement ceremony yesterday afternoon at Central Lutheran in downtown Minneapolis – in a sanctuary filled with family, friends and supporters of the 170 graduates – my classmates and I were blessed with the following words as part of our “Call to Mission,”

…in the presence of God, we honor you for your diligence, perseverance, and faithfulness in study and we present to the church all of you who aspire to serve the Church of God in the variety of ministries to which you have been called and for which you are prepared. But your preparation is not over and you will need to be creative, flexible and visionary as you bear witness to salvation through Jesus Christ and serve in God’s world, a world that is constantly changing.

My friends and relatives have all been asking me “what are you going to do next?” and unfortunately, this is the best answer I can give, for now… I am going to continue working part-time with Journey (the Sunday evening worship community at Calvary Lutheran), at least through the summer … I’m teaching a course at Luther Seminary in June (the course is titled “Ministry with Young Adults” and I’m teaching it with my favorite professor, Rollie Martinson) … and looking more long-term, I’m hoping to become a resource (i.e., a consultant) for churches and ministries that feel called to find meaningful ways to reach today’s younger generations.

If you know of any churches looking for someone to help them re-think what it means to “do” church and re-imagine what it means to “be” the body of Christ in our world today, please tell them about me. My resume is available on this website (click the “Resume” tab above) and I have been developing the following personal statement of “who I am as a Christian public leader” (as found on my business card)…

Andy Jolivette is a communicator, consultant, artist, analyst, theologian and missionary to people living in a media culture.

Thanks to everyone for your support the last two years. Your thoughts, prayers and suggestions are invited as I step into this new chapter of my life and ministry.

2 thoughts on “I graduated…now what?

  1. Now what? Go to Disneyland! Sheesh! Isn’t that what people do after winning the superbowl/world series/graduating from seminary? 🙂

  2. Congratulations Andy! Nicely done. We liked how you took a risk, went for it, and accomplished probably more than you imagined you would.

    What to do, what to do …. that tried and true Proverbs 3:5-6 keeps coming to mind. BTW wouldn’t worry about the answer you give, what you are doing now is pretty cool stuff.



    “To the man who pleases Him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness.” Ecclesiastes 2:26.

    You are a blessed man! I am so excited for you! Embrace the journey and enjoy the adventure God has planned for you. We love you!

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