it’s been a while

No, I’m not quoting the painfully annoying song by Staind from back in 2001, I’m simply stating the obvious, it’s been a while; or, as Kevin Garnet might say, “it’s been a minute” since I last posted anything on anewdoxology. To be specific, the last time I wrote was about three weeks ago and it was the day before I left for Haiti to film a documentary – with my friend Andrew Brown – on the realities of life in the poorest country in the western hemisphere. There were four of us (from America) in our group. They are all good friends of mine and we had an incredibly memorable and meaningful week together in Haiti.

Highlights include the baptism of our friend Partick’s son Evan (I was even asked to be his godfather…what an honor!), spending time at the beach with the family and child (Jean, 10 yrs old) I have sponsored through Compassion International since 2005 (this is the third year in a row I was able to hang out with Jean and his family, and one of my friends sponsors his little sister), and we even has the opportunity to visit the neighborhoods and homes of some of our Haitian friends while interviewing them and collecting footage for the documentary.

If you’d like to see some pictures from the trip, along with my commentary to explain what you’re looking at, here are links to a few photo albums I made public on facebook (you can view them even if you’re not on facebook, or if you are but you’re not my friend).

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