I went out for dinner with a friend tonight, and as we were enjoying our burritos and some good conversation, a familiar song came on the radio. Hearing the song led me to think about a seminary class I took last year, since it was for an assignment in the class that I listened to this song at least 100 times in the span of only a few days. You see, we were asked to make a video for the class and in my video I had decided to use a song from a  CD I had recently bought. The album was by Lifehouse, and the song was “Broken” (the same song that was playing when I was eating at Qdoba tonight). I became completely consumed with the creation of the video, and I shared all it’s versions here back in February. Looking back through anewdoxology’s now nearly one year existence, the only post(s) that brought more visitors to this site were my confused thoughts during the food crisis/riots in Haiti back in April (found here and here). The video went on to be used in worship at a few churches during Lent, and was also featured on a popular Christian men’s website. All of which surprised me, since it started as an assignment for one of my classes.

Here is the video (watch it again if you’ve already seen it):

As it turns out, “Broken” is the current single from Lifehouse’s latest album (Who We Are), and the song has been receiving quite a bit of airplay on radio and TV lately (reaching #8 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 chart). I obviously realize my video had nothing to do with the song’s success, but regardless of how high it makes it on the charts, it has a very significant meaning to me. The song reminds me that even though I am broken, God enters into my life (and especially my suffering), and offers me hope and restoration…and based on the comments people have left on this site and youtube in response to the video  – along with the emails I received from people who were impacted by the video’s images and message – I like to think there are some people in the world who are reminded that God is with them, helping them through their brokenness and offering them hope and healing, whenever they hear the song on the radio. And to me at least, that’s a beautiful thought.

If you know someone going through a time of brokenness, please forward them this video, because as one of the quotes in the video says so well, “Real caring is the willingness to help each other in making our brokenness into the gateway to joy” (Henri Nouwen).


It should also be noted that Lifehouse is considered by many to be a pseudo-“Christian band” … whatever that means.

4 thoughts on “broken…revisited

  1. Thanks for sharing this video again, Andy. The song is very powerful because to me it says that even though we sometimes feel like we can barely make it through the day, at the end of the day, God is waiting to take all our pain and turn it into something for His glory. With all that my family has been through in the last few months, I can definitely say that this song has a high play count on my iPod! My favorite quote in the video is “The choice to love requires the courage to grieve.” I don’t think being broken would hurt so much if we didn’t have a God who loves us so much and gives us the ability to care so much about those around us. That said, I wouldn’t trade the freedom to love deeply for freedom from the pain…

  2. Very well said, Kelly. Thanks for sharing. I should have asked this question in the post, but if others would like to share what the song/video says to them, please leave a comment. One of the greatest dimensions of any community (even an online community) is sharing our thoughts and ideas with each other. I don’t think I’m the only one who would love to hear what is on other people’s hearts and minds.

  3. Andy,
    After receiving my new Matt Wertz 🙂 CD in the mail a while back the song, Back in June, offers new terminology at least for me. Instead of being broken, we are constantly being mended by God. I love the hope in the word “mend” instead of the dejected state of “broken”. Just my two-cents!

  4. So true Andy, very meaningful song. Just heard a related sermon about Job and how even when he was completely stripped from everything and broken, how he still fully trusted and glorified the Lord. What a testimony. Was humbling for me, I can be pretty selfish sometimes and God has to remind me that with brokenness comes beauty and fulfills his purposes.

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