Happy Birthday!

I doubt anyone is aware of this (I didn’t even realize it until today), but on November 4, 2008, anewdoxology.com turned one-year-old! Since there was no birthday party (and I’m sure most of you forgot to get a gift), this is your opportunity to share your belated thoughts on year number one and perhaps even offer some well wishes for health (and existence!) in the years to come. To sign the online birthday card, just leave a comment. (Even if you’ve never left a comment on a blog before, just give it a try. I promise it’s even easier than it looks…plus it will mean so much to this young and still somewhat self-conscious blog. Maybe you could even comment on how mature anewdoxology.com is for its age, or something complimentary like that.)


As I wrote in the very first post on this site just over a year ago, the word doxology means “words to glorify,” and through the thoughts, links, videos and images shared here, I am seeking to find new words to glorify God. Words that are relevant in today’s world…for today’s people.

God is still active in the world, and today more than ever I believe that the music, movies, reality tv shows, books, magazines, art and other expressions of popular culture are windows into the lives (and faith) of the younger generations. People like me, and perhaps people like you as well. This is why I started anewdoxology: I wanted a place to share some of my thoughts on how I saw God’s activity intersecting with my life. Not in forced ways that were restricted to moments when I was in a church or reading the Bible, but even when I was doing regular/everyday/normal stuff like watching tv or listening to music. Because if we really believe that God is active in the world, then we must acknowledge that God is somehow (mysteriously?) present in many – if not all – of the various expressions of art, life and faith in our culture (even, or perhaps especially, those considered “secular”).

I appreciate all the support and encouragement everyone has shared toward what I’ve been doing the last year. It’s been cool to witness all the random and unexpected ways God has used these “reflections of faith in an MTV world” to connect people with the love, grace and hope of God as revealed in Jesus (something that’s even more transforming than a really great movie and more life-changing than a soldout concert).

If it’s not too much to ask, I’m hoping you, the readers of anewdoxology.com, might be willing to answer a few quick questions about how you discovered this little corner of the world wide web and how you think things are going so far.

Thanks again for making this a great first year!

Clumsily following Christ,


P.S. If you’d like to give the perfect gift, I’d appreciate nothing more than if you told someone about anewdoxology.com!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I will be able to remember this birthday as it is one day before mine! I really like what you are doing here Andy, and I think that the people that read are not only given insights and christian information, they are also entertained – that is a great way to share what you do with others.

  2. Geepers creekers Anday, can’t believe it’s already been a year since you started this bad-boy up; keep up the good work – you’ve really got a great skill in how you develop and express your ideas in this blog, keep it up!

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