wondering and wandering

My friend Heather (aka “HJ”) wrote a great post on her blog today titled “I wonder as I wander.” (Named after the Christmas hymn with the same title.) I don’t usually recycle another bloggers content, but I think a few excerpts should be shared.

The heading of the post was “Christmasy things I wonder about” and here are two examples of her wittiness and wonder…

“When did ugly sweaters (of the ugly sweater party variety) become ugly? Like, what year did they turn from cool to ugly?”

“Where is mistletoe? You know…when you’re out hiking people always say, “oh there’s poison ivy” or “that’s a pretty fern.” No one has ever pointed out mistletoe to me.”

If you have a minute and you “wonder” what else made Heather’s list of Christmas confusion, just “wander” over to hjshaunt.

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