new job!

I’m not sure if people are interested in my personal/professional life, but I thought it might make sense to share the news that after months of interviews/conversations/prayers, I accepted the position of Associate Director of Admissions at Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN). I will start on January 5, and although it’s a position that will involve a significant amount of travel, the seminary has given me their blessing to continue in my position as Community Director of Journey.

luther-seminaryHow will this effect I’m not sure yet, but hopefully not much. I still have an interest and excitement in sharing my “reflections of faith in an MTV world,” but I also consider it a great honor to have this new opportunity to help the seminary — where I discovered this calling — to recruit the next generation of leaders for the church. I don’t know exactly how my life will change, but there are three things about me that I’m confident will stay the same: 1) I will  see life through the perspective of my faith. 2) I will have an interest in popular culture. 3) I will bring my macbook with me.

All that to say, even if I don’t post things on anewdoxology quite as often, I will continue looking for new words and ways to glorify God.

3 thoughts on “new job!

  1. Congratulations on the job at Luther Seminary. I have taken some great courses there from Paul Hill and Andrew Root. I look forward to reading how your work in both places impact each other. God’s peace.

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