where you been?

Some people have been wondering (hopefully), what happened to the guy who writes anewdoxology.com? A few people have even noticed (potentially), how come there’s nothing new on anewdoxology.com since the middle of January?

Well, I am he and I have no explanation or excuse other than this bulleted list:

  • My new job = lots of travel = no new posts for over 6 weeks
  • Trying to write new posts on airplanes = only getting half way done before landing….never to open the word doc again (oops!)
  • Example of a half-written piece = “A Theological perspective of the Minnesota Timberwolves: how the NBA’s worst team can teach us about Martin Luther.” Seriously folks, this one would’ve been good. I actually got about 2.5 pages into it back in January (when the Wolves started the month by winning 10 out of 12 games and finally looked like a good team) and I was using analogies like how the different coaching styles exemplify (or even personify) Luther’s distinction of God as both Law and Gospel (Randy Wittman representing “Law” – that which condemns, and Kevin McHale being “Gospel” – that which frees). Since then Al Jefferson had a season-ending knee injury and the team has returned to their early-season ways (losing), so I haven’t had much motivation to finish (and as a season ticket holder, I haven’t had much motivation to go to games either).
  • Twitter. I joined twitter nation. Still not sure if I like it, but if you want to be part of the experiment, follow me. I don’t update my status very often, certainly not as often as some of the folks I’m following…which, by the way, is probably the most entertaining part of the whole thing. Here are some examples of the fascinating insights I’ve learned about/from other people since becoming a tweet (= person on twitter)…
    – P. Diddy: “Don’t be scared!!! Jump into Gods arms and let him take you to the next level!!!! Let’s go people!!!”
    – Tina Fey: “Let’s put our cards on the table: I dutch oven you -hilarious. You dutch oven me -I barf in the bed.”
    – Stephen Colbert: “Librarians are hiding something.
    – Shaq: “Weee weee wha weee weee wha weee wee weeee what’s song is this”
    – Jimmy Fallon: “I want to buy stock in Duraflame. Those fake logs are pretty fantastic.”
  • Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, I just read an article in USA TODAY reviewing his first week as host of NBC’s new late night talk show in which this optimistic suggestion/compliment was given: “You shouldn’t purposely stay up late to see Late Night, but if you are up, you shouldn’t avoid it.”
  • Life lesson #1: Taking a risk is (almost) always worth it…regardless of whether or not you get what you were hoping for. Don’t miss the lesson buried in the (potential/actual) disappointment.
  • Life Lesson #2: I’m not in college anymore. I know this is true, but being on my old college campus the last few days has forced me to remember this fact in a very real way. (Noteworthy aside: While staying at a hotel in my old college town last night, I ordered a medium “med bread” pizza, expecting it to still be less than $5 – the minimum order for delivery – so I added a 20 oz. Coke (to make it a more “balanced” meal). I was shocked when the college kid working at Pizza Ranch told me the total was $11.50! Things have changed. But hey, I’m not in college anymore…I can afford eleven dollar pizza!)
  • Final thought: I spend a lot of time on college campuses speaking with students about vocation and calling; sometimes talking about the opportunities available to them at seminary, but always discussing the struggle involved with being a person of faith and integrity in whatever career(s) they decide to pursue. It’s an honor to be part of these conversations. IF anyone would like to talk about the ways they feel God calling them to use their natural interests/talents/passions to meet the needs of the world (whether you’re quite certain or utterly confused about what shape this might take), please let me know.

4 thoughts on “where you been?

  1. What a nice surprise to find a new post, especially after a particularly trying day at work! I’d love to talk with you about the path God’s calling me to although I’m not quite sure where I’ll end up yet. šŸ™‚ I hope everything’s going well with the new job!

  2. $11.00 for med bread you got to be kidding! That is outrageous-what is the world coming to?
    Blessings on your journey of hearing stories and being a guide for the body of Christ!
    P.S. I don’t want to talk to you, I am afraid it will confuse the contentness that I am experiencing today

  3. I’m not in college anymore either. That’s a reality I’m facing, or changing by going back to school. I’m glad I’m not alone in this odd place in life: young, single, out of school, in the midwest.

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