goodbye to good friends

Boyz II Men was right when they jacked that Beatles song back in the 90s…it’s hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Yesterday, without even realizing it, I walked into an emotional trap. I was forced to say goodbye to some very good friends earlier than expected. There were several people involved, all of them real characters, but it was most difficult to say “see ya later” to a couple of guys who could always get me to laugh – even if I wasn’t having a very good day. That’s probably what made them such good friends, they knew how to cheer me up. Their names were John Dorian and Chris Turk, and for the last few years they’ve been my best TV friends.

Yesterday, as I sat on the couch to hang out with them, I assumed it was like any other week, but somewhere near the middle of that hour (44 minutes not counting commercials) I realized we were about to say goodbye, whether I liked it or not. And although I’ll miss Elliot, Carla, Ted, Todd, Bob, Perry, Janitor and the others – like Snoop Dogg intern/resident – it was Turk and J.D. who I was closest with, and they are the guys I will miss hanging out with the most on Thursday or Wednesday nights, depending on what year/channel I’m looking back on.  And sure, I realize I could hang out with them four times a night on several different channels (reruns), but that’s just not the same. It’s like looking at a photo album to revisit past memories compared to doing things that are photo-album worthy and making new memories. Remembering is never the same as experiencing something new.

So, although I’m not quite ready to say it…farewell friends, thanks for all the laughs (mostly in seasons 1-6).


2 thoughts on “goodbye to good friends

  1. Totally agree. And what’s up with High-5 … down low ? A little creepy. I still haven’t watched the finalle ~ a couple weeks behind – but I enjoyed the Janitor wedding episodes.

  2. Hey Andy,
    I enjoyed your post on scrubs. I used to never watch it but these days I’d watch it most nights. J.D. and Turk are pretty cool.

    Hope your post seminary life is going well (I think your done?)

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