heartbreaking beauty

For many of us it feels like the world has been flipped upside down since the election, but despite how things may look or feel right now, there are plenty of good people doing incredible things amidst all the pain and fear. Here’s a story that shines a light on the beauty found in the heartbreak all around us…

Four months ago, 33-year-old Jared Buhanan-Decker of St. George, Utah, lost the love of his life and wife of 12 years, Sharry Buhanan-Decker, during the birth of his son J.J.

While J.J. was successfully delivered by C-section, Sharry died of a rare condition called amniotic fluid embolism, in which the fluid surrounding a fetus enters the mother’s bloodstream and causes abnormal blood clotting.

“Counting down to it as the happiest days of our life, ended up being the worst,” Buhanan-Decker reflects.

As he was going through mementos Sharry left behind, he found a surprise on his computer: six voice recordings of songs she’d written years ago.

One was a lullaby for her unborn son.

Unfortunately, the songs were in a format he couldn’t convert.

Desperate to hear Sharry’s music, he went to Reddit for help.

Within hours, dozens of people offered to fix the file formatting. One even offered to record string accompaniments for the tracks.

“I remember one of the first ones a guy was just like, ‘I’ll have this done within an hour,'” Buhanan-Decker said.

Once he could finally hear his wife’s voice again, the words were bittersweet.

“Baby don’t worry about a thing/I’ll be okay, I’ll be all right,” the lullaby goes.

Now, J.J. has a priceless keepsake from the mother he’ll never meet.

“I think that on some level those [songs] definitely resonate and connect with him, hearing his angel mom’s voice.”

You can read this story in its entirety and watch a video of Jared and his son on CNN.

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