I began writing this blog secretly in a word document in 2007 before releasing it into the world wild web later that year. I don’t write here very often these days but continue paying the annual fee to keep this all here.

Here’s my vision for anewdoxology from the early years…

When I was in seminary I discovered a deep interest in studying how people in my generation make meaning. Within this focus of study I recognized a strong desire to connect God’s story with the stories of people like me and my friends. My hope is that today’s emerging adult generation will come to understand faith in Jesus with as much freshness and relevance as the first Christians did two thousand years ago, but in order for this to happen I think it’s necessary that we understand contemporary culture with as much knowledge as the New Testament writers — not to mention Jesus himself — understood the culture of their day. My faith and the passion I have to help others better understand their own faith is what inspires me to think about and respond to things in the world the way I do.

This blog is a place to share some of my thoughts and reflections on the ways I see God’s activity in the world intersecting with my everyday life; and since I’m assuming you and I are not all that different, this blog is also about how God’s story intersects with your story. I would love to say all my entries will be filled with Scriptural references, quotes from well-known theologians or personal devotional-style writings, but the reality is that my daily life is filled with a lot of stuff that isn’t blatantly religious. I spend a lot of time watching sports and television shows, reading about celebrities (or pretending I’m a celebrity on Facebook or Twitter), watching random videos and searching for new music online; and it’s through my encounters with these pop-culture “texts” that I find intricate and often unexpected intersections between my life and faith.

While I hope to keep the thoughts expressed on this blog related to issues of faith, more often than not I will be passing on links to articles, posting videos and photographs, or just sharing my thoughts on how I see different things in the world that are not specifically religious or “Christian,” but I will do this from my perspective as a Christian. You can count on reading about my strong interest in sports (especially the Timberwolves and Packers); my fascination with people I consider to be icons of our time (people like Steve Nash, Pete Maravich, Dave Chappelle, Kanye West, Rob Bell and David Crowder, among others); my appreciation of creative expressions of life through various forms of art (especially music, film and photography); my thoughts and reviews on books/movies/music that I have recently read/watched/heard; Chipotle burritos; or other seemingly random things that I find interesting and relevant enough to share with the world wide web community.

I hope my thoughts will challenge, inspire and entertain you, and I invite you to leave comments or email me in response to anything on this site. My prayer is that what is expressed in and through this blog will reflect the faith, hope and love of Jesus Christ; with the added flavor of my pop-culture personality.

*For an explanation of the name anewdoxology, read my first post from Nov 2007.


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